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Julie started Detours with Durso to…

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Show people another side of travel!

For years, as I talk with friends and people I travel with, they say things like:

  • "I want to travel more, but I don’t have anyone to travel with!"

  • "I’m over hostels, but I stay in them to meet other people"

  • "I’m too old for hostels, but getting a hotel by myself is expensive"

  • "Ugh bus tours are mostly older people and too much time on the bus!"

I created Detours with Durso because there is another way to travel! If you don’t want to pay top luxury prices but still want to travel with young professionals, skip the hostels, and indulge in amazing experiences, we’re the company for you! We stay in boutique hotels where possible and 3 and 4-star hotels that give us the best opportunities to explore the heart of a place. We are building awesome itineraries with a mix of getting all the bucket list activities (and many hidden gem activities) in while still offering time to explore on your own.

But what about the comradery of traveling in a hostel or bus tour?!

Build a community of like-minded travelers

We know that hostels and bus tours are a way to travel with more people and to not feel alone while traveling. I am someone who spent years traveling by myself because I worked a seasonal job in the travel industry and traveled in the winter. I am creating trips that have a built-in way to create community – I call it a “travel fam!” Our trips are limited to young professionals between 25 and 40 years old, so we are instantly creating a group of fun travel companions! Feeling left out because you don’t fall in the solo traveler or age range? No worries! Get your travel fam assembled and create a private version of one of our awesome itineraries!

Give back to the Global Community

After years of traveling and being enriched by the experiences I’ve had, I wanted to build “giving back” into the framework of the company. So often, I found myself getting caught up in what a place was giving to me and how it was enriching my life. On my more recent trips, I’ve found myself thinking “how can my visit here enrich the people who are here since they are giving me so much?!” That’s how I came up with the idea of finding a partner organization for each itinerary I create. This way we will create lasting relationships with one organization that will really be able to feel our impact and support. We will take a portion of the profits from every trip and donate to our partner charity for that particular itinerary. In some cases, where feasible, we will incorporate the charitable organization into our trip so our guests can experience the impact they are making!

We’re excited to welcome you on our trips! Check out our current offerings and reach out when you’re ready to book!

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